How To Choose Your Wedding Wine

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Once you have chosen the best wedding cars Bolton has to offer then you should make choosing your wedding wine the next job to tick off on your list.

This is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, so chose a time and place where you will be relaxed. There is no need to stress about this one.

Here are some places to consult on your decision:


  1. Your caterers

Your caterers may have an opinion on the alcohol you serve with your food. Some may go well with a certain type of red while others may suit a lighter white wine, or even beer. They are used to catering for large groups and may know where you can go locally to get a good deal.


  1. Wine tasting

There are a wide range of places you can go to get hold of wine tasting, but to be honest with you Majestic Wine is a great place to go as there will generally be free tastings on offer.

Specialist wine merchants will also be able to help you but we recommend you get in touch with them beforehand.


  1. Local vineyards

Ok, this is only going to be an option in some parts of the country but local vineyards may be able to help you make the perfect decision for your wedding, and offer a bulk deal.


  1. Local supermarket

Don’t overlook offers on wine at your supermarket which may be perfect for you. If one of your favourite wine crops up on offer, then by all means by a case load if you can.

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