How To Have A Wedding On A Budget

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When you start planning a wedding the cost of everything can seem terrifying when it’s all added up. But the good news is that you don’t need to splash a crazy amount of cash to have a magical day.

The Huffington Post recently offered some advice for couples who are planning a wedding and want to keep their spending at the lower end of the scale.

According to the news provider, one of the best ways to help reduce costs is to see who among your friends and family can help out. You might know someone who makes amazing cakes, or have a musician or two among your friends who can play on the day.

You could agree to pay them for their time, or they might be happy to do this for you as a wedding gift.

Cutting out the wedding planner is another surefire way to save some money on your budget, the website added. Venues can also be a costly part of your big day, so making use of a friend’s large back garden or even a park could be a more cost-effective way to host your big day.

And if you’re able to save on the larger expenses like these, you’ll certainly be able to afford stylish wedding cars in Manchester to get you to and from your wedding venue.

Telegraph wine expert Susy Atkins recently suggested that you don’t need to worry about splashing out on expensive champagne for your guests, but recommended choosing bottles of cremant, a sparkling wine that’s somewhere between champagne and prosecco.

Price-wise it’s affordable, being in the £12 to £14 per bottle range and Ms Atkins notes that the bottles look just as classy as champagne when they’re waiting to be served, which could mean this is the ideal option.