Terms And Conditions As Agreed In Consultation With Salford City Trading Standards

Availability And Supply Of Vehicles

In the unlikely event that a requested vehicle becomes unavailable due to mechanical failure or for some other reason which we could not have reasonable avoided we will inform you as soon as possible and offer you.

A replacement vehicle of similar quality and the difference in price where a higher price vehicle has been ordered will be refunded or

To cancel this contract and return all monies paid as soon as possible and no later than twenty eight days.


Routing And Timing

In the absence of any specified agreed rout the driver will take a route to ensure arrival on that allowing for any prevailing traffic or road conditions.

Drivers are not permitted under any circumstance to compromise the safety of passengers or other road users by accepting a request to exceed the speed limit.

Drivers will not be allowed to undergo and extra journeys or take any extra passengers other than the instructions written on the booking form.

Sorry but no animals whatsoever will be allowed into the vehicle (with the exemption of guide dogs).



Changing this booking to another date will also require cancelling it for a new one resulting in loss of deposit.

If you want to cancel your booking after we have accepted it we will require written instruction signed by the customer.

Cancellation will result in loss of your deposit and if you cancel within twenty eight days of the booked day half of the total rental cost will be payable.