What Do Grooms Worry About Before The Wedding?

When you talk about weddings, and wedding planning, it’s often the bride who gets thrown to the fore. There is lots of talk about how nervous she must be, all the work she has to do before the big day and, of course, the dress.

But what about grooms? They’re just as important to the wedding and they can have some nerves and worries of their own.

According to the Metro, there are a few things that grooms tend to worry about, that probably don’t enter a bride’s head. Among them is the arrival of their best man. In today’s world where friends can be scattered far and wide, it can be nerve wracking if your best man isn’t flying in until the day of the wedding.

So, ask them to at least arrive a day before to allow for any delays – the last thing you want to do is have to pick a substitute out at the last minute.

Another concern for grooms is saying their vows. The newspaper points out that it’s very easy to get overcome by emotion repeating those words, so take a breath and take your time, but just accept that there’s no way to guard against the emotion of the occasion.

While a bride will be worrying about fitting into her dress, the groom is probably worrying about fitting into his suit too. The advice here is to eat sensibly and work out a bit before the big day to ensure you don’t end up with a tight and uncomfortable suit for the day.

Couples who shared their biggest wedding regrets recently revealed that allowing relatives, mostly their mothers, to get too involved in planning their big day was their biggest mistake.

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