Embrace Peony Season

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Flowers are sometimes thought of as the finishing touches to the wedding party’s dresses and suit button holes, as well as a focal point to the tables, but undoubtedly, you’ll have an idea of the perfect flower for your big day.

Peonies have become one of the most widely admired flowers, but one thing you may not think about when planning your wedding is when certain flowers are in season.

Though you may think of the traditional pink peony, these sculptural flowers come in many gorgeous colours to fit in with all kinds of colour schemes.

According to Brides.com, peony season begins in spring and runs right through until early summer so if this flower is a must have for your bouquet then you’ll want to plan your wedding for the months of May/June time.

If you plan to have a more traditional or vintage style of wedding, these flowers work great because of their rustic look but opting for plain white peonies can be great for a more modern touch too. Peonies can be slightly on the pricey side so perhaps opt for a few statement colours in a more muted bouquet or display than completely covering your wedding with these beautiful blooms.